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Aphro Comb Applicator Bottle


What does it do?
The Aphro Comb is an oil applicator bottle that makes nourishing your scalp and roots easy.  

Who is it for?
If you are braided, weaved or cornrowed - Use the Aphro Comb to apply the right amount of your favourite oil directly to your scalp. 

How is it used?
Decant your favourite oil into your Aphro Comb to treat your hair and scalp the easiest and quickest way possible. 

Additional info:

  • Don’t have time to nourish your scalp? - The Aphro Comb buys you time. Just dip Aphro Comb into the affected area and gently squeeze contents out of the bottle. 
  • Got other ‘stuff’ you want to apply to your scalp or roots?  - The list is endless. Apply medicated shampoos, moisturising & growth oils, hair conditioners, hair colour and any other hair treatment solution.

If you are unsure about a possible sensitivity to a product, always do a patch test before use or consult your healthcare professional.

Aphro Comb Applicator Bottle

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