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A moment with: Sinead

Image credit: @andomatthews on Instagram

Image credit: @andomatthews on Instagram

I’m 23 years old, born and raised on Kaurna land. I’m Narungga on my mother’s side, and Greek and Dutch on my Father’s side. My true passion will always be tourism – I love to travel more than anything in the world. Something about the excitement of seeing a new place for the first time, experiencing a new culture, that’s what makes my soul happy. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, and one day hope to work in destination marketing while also running Lowanna.

Other than travel, I love weight training, all things natural health, dogs, and of course skin care! I love being able to bring natural skin care to all my wonderful customers, and I’ll continue to grow Lowanna and our product range in the next few months (stay tuned!)

On Lowanna Skin Care

Lowanna Skin Care began in peak covid isolation. I had left my corporate job in the hotel industry, and with the tourism industry at an all time low, I had all the time in the world to pursue my business goals. I had been dreaming of starting a natural product line for a long time, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Lowanna is all about natural, native ingredients. I’m really interested in native plants and their traditional uses in Aboriginal culture, so I wanted to draw inspiration from that and include a great variety of native ingredients in my products. I’m also really passionate about transparency in the beauty industry – it’s really difficult these days to know exactly what’s in your beauty products and what ingredients are safe or toxic, so I want to make sure Lowanna customers always have access to information about the ingredients we use and why. I will always strive for excellence in this area, as well as in the environmental footprint of Lowanna being as minimal as possible.

On self-care 

My biggest self-care ritual is working out. I love being in the gym, lifting weights, feeling strong. It’s my ‘me time’ and it’s something I always make room for, no matter how busy I am.

In terms of my beauty routine, I keep it pretty simple. I use Lowanna products every morning and night (of course!), as well as our Green Clay Exfoliating Mask two to three times a week – it’s honestly been a life saver for reducing my acne scarring! During the day I try not to wear much make up, usually only a quick coat of mascara and eyebrow gel and I’m good to go!

Another product I’m loving at the moment is the Clove & Mint recovery balm from Endota Spa – perfect for unwinding at night and soothing sore muscles! And for creating a calm space, I love any good scented room spray. At the moment I have the ‘Pink Butter Icing’ spray from Dusk and it smells so good! The best for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere (or work space!).

On travel 

A lot of my inspiration comes from where I live and where my family comes from – the whole story of Lowanna began with me researching native plants and how they were traditionally used in my family’s culture, so that will always be my biggest source of inspiration for Lowanna.

On beauty rituals

Probably my diet – I always eat pretty healthy and enjoy wholesome foods. Over the recent years I’ve tested what foods have an impact on my skin, and I found that the more vitamin C I eat the better my skin tends to look and feel, so I always make sure I’m including a lot of vitamin C rich foods in my diet.

Other than my diet, definitely taking off my make up every night! That’s a non-negotiable for me!

Sinead’s fave books and podcasts

To be honest, I don’t actually read very much! I’m more of a documentary person. But the last time I went overseas, on the plane I read ‘The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology: True Stories from the World’s Best Writers’ cover to cover. A really awesome read.

My partner did get me on to Jay Shetty’s podcast ‘On Purpose’. It’s really peaceful and relaxing, and also really insightful; it definitely helped me think of and react to situations in different ways and stop overthinking too much. It was a good one to start with I think!

Fave music

I recently came across a band called Shag Rock and I’m obsessed! (If you haven’t heard ‘Sunbleached Girl’, do yourself a favour and listen to it now!). I’m a huge fan of The Vanns, Mako Road, Pacific Avenue and oldschool Angus & Julia Stone. But my music taste is pretty broad; I’m a big hip hop lover too. Big time fan of J Cole, Run the Jewels, and Lupe Fiasco.

Fave social accounts

I absolutely love @gypsea_lust for seriously cool travel content – makes me so excited to get out and travel the world when we can. I’m also a sucker for interior design inspo, and I’m obsessed with @baliinteriors at the moment. And I can’t go past @blakbusiness, a really great platform to stay updated with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander info and news.

Favourite places in the world

I’d have to start with Cuba! My favourite country I’ve ever been to, it’s so full of culture. Everywhere you turn there’s music playing, colourful buildings and cars, groups of people sitting on the sidewalk playing dominoes. It’s just a really cool place!

Then I would say Siem Reap in Cambodia – I spent a month volunteering with an NGO over there and the people are just beautiful. Merida in Mexico was really cool as well – the underground swimming holes (called ‘cenotes’) are amazing. And then I love Canggu in Bali and Burleigh on the Gold Coast! Anywhere with a nice beach is pretty good for me.

I also adore Port Lincoln here in South Australia – I have family over there and I love spending time there in Summer. It’s a really relaxing place for me; I especially love going there when I feel like I need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Where can we follow you?

For all things natural skin care, follow @lowannaskincare on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. My personal IG account is @sineadvandenbroek, and my partner and I also have an IG account for our travel photos and videos which is @justventureout.


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