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A moment with: Daisy

A moment with: Daisy

A moment with: Daisy

My name is Daisy. I’m 28. I’m a proud Maori woman. I’m learning what it looks like to understand the rich and staunch history of my ancestors and how I can embody that with pride today. I am grateful to be queer! I’m a settler on the land of the Eora nation; the land currently known as Sydney. I’m an artist, I sing, I DJ, I make radio, I produce events, I teach queer and trans and POC yoga classes here in Sydney, and I work a day job.

On her yoga practice
My yoga practice started when I was about 12 at a community class with lots of fab oldies doing some very dramatic ‘chooooo’ breathing. I practised inconsistently all through my teen years. Yoga was a lifeline for me when I experienced PTSD, depression and anxiety in my mid-20s. Being in a room with other people, being guided through movement with a totally non-competitive or achievement-oriented lens felt therapeutic for me at a time when even leaving my bedroom was challenging. I love yoga because it invites you to be broad, wide, long, large, inhabit the space around your physical body, to be curious, humble and so loving towards yourself. It was always in my life goals to do yoga teacher training, thinking I would do it in my 40s when my practice was ‘good enough’ or when I understood the wisdom more fully, but I learnt a good lesson last year that taught me that you will never feel ready! Or, not feeling ready is no reason to wait to do something. I undertook my yoga teacher training in 2019 and on the first day, wouldn’t you know it, I felt sooo ready. I now teach two classes here in Marrickville; one for queer and trans people and one for people of colour. The response has been very enthusiastic; I had always longed to participate in classes surrounded by people with similar identities to me but could never find any that were quite right. So I feel honoured to be able to create these spaces for community today.

On Audible Lines
Audible Lines is a monthly radio show on Nomad Radio that I make with my kare (friend) and twin spirit, Jess Paraha. We select a theme for each show, and then each spend an hour DJing for each other, sharing songs made by people of colour and queer and trans people from this country and afar. Most of the music we share is hip hop, RnB, soul and electronic. We both are so excited about all the fresh music being made by especially young people of colour and queer people that we had to find a platform to share it with others. Young people are so innovative and resourceful in finding ways to make art by themselves and in collaboration, we wanted to use the radio show to elevate their work and connect others in. It’s so fun.

On her self-care routine
I eat goooood. I am so in love with food. It’s such a source of bliss and happiness for me and I feel beautiful when I’m eating! So alive in my senses. I would say making and eating food is a main element of my self-care, a way to take care of myself. I love vegetables, ice cream, Nutella, Lebanese food! I could go on. In terms of beauty products, I keep it pretty simple. I use Sukin face wash and moisturiser every night. I use Palmer’s cocoa butter moisturiser on my body. I’m an eyebrow pencil gal; my mum made me start waxing my gigantic eyebrows when I was 12! I’ve been lamenting their loss ever since, so it’s my ritual in the mornings these days to draw them with Rimmel eyebrow pencil. Everyone asks me my secret to drawing eyebrows and I say it’s confidence! Don’t fuss too much, just draw the outlines in one swoop, colour them in and keep it rocking.

On travel
I’ve travelled a little bit, but the main thing it’s taught me is how fortunate I am to live freely in so-called Australia. I have been lucky enough to be raised in a place where I can access fresh food whenever I need it, to choose what I do for a living, to choose where I live, and I acknowledge that not everyone who lives here has that luxury. So I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between privilege and human rights. And trying to get a wide enough perspective so I can contribute meaningfully to a future where everyone has the freedom to choose their life.

On beauty rituals
Something that has been inconsistent, but constant in my life, is getting up super early. Especially when I’m stuck in a rut or lacking motivation, I like to get up before the sun just to witness that special part of the morning and witness the quietness of my mind after sleep. You might not see that in the beauty blogs but it makes me feel beautiful! And has since I was young.

On her fave reads
I just read Cherry Beach by Laura McPhee in less than a day and let me tell you I was shook! Such an intimately told story about queer desire, women, and growing. I’m also reading ‘bikini/s and other s/pacific n/oceans’ by Teresia K. Teaiwa. It'sIts a paper about the Indigenous and political history of the word ‘bikini’.

On her fave podcasts
I can never get enough of ‘Hidden Brain’ on NPR; it’s about human behaviour and I stay trying to figure out why people are the way that they are! I also love Planting Seeds by Plant Based Maori- he’s a brother based in Aotearoa who is interested in self development, motivation and health. He interviews lots of dope Maori who are doing interesting things and doesn’t edit out any of the laughing fits. Which we love. 

On her fave artists
Lately I’ve been listening to Noah Slee, Maina Doe, Genesis Owusu, Kingdom, OSHUN, Tanerelle, UMI and 18+.

On her fave people to follow on social
@DRMNGNOW Neil Morris with the wisdom, @samseary for the delectable visuals, @erik_yvon for the fashion inspo, @state.of.being for the invitations back to self, @sawft.wear because I am WAITING for that collection to DROP, @dronesharkapp for being amazed at sea life and being reminded that humans are a tiny speck, and @nativeb.ush for the amazing mixes.

On her fave places in the world
My bed! Because I’m a Taurus. Coogee beach! Because you can snorkel and see the same two gigantic groper fish there every time. Currumbin Alley! Because I spent my angsty teen years there staring out at the sea. Hiking along the coast! Because it reminds me of my freedom. My fifth answer is…in the unconscious realm because I love to sleep.

Where can we follow you?
The endless selfies and yoga class information are over at @daisybossybaddy on Instagram. I post my cynical, misandrist thoughts on @deelusciousbaby on twitter. You’ve been warned!


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